Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 NFL Draft

Instant Reaction
Round 1

Cam Newton is officially the pick for the Panthers. They had to make this pick to compete. Carolina fans would regret passing on Newton, they are going to love him.

Von Miller to the Donks! As a Chiefs fan, I have to say this is the guy I did not want to see them pick. I was hoping he would be harassing quarterbacks in the AFC East, not the West. Congrats to Von Miller though. Good pick for Denver, that hurts to say.

Marcell Dareus is a Buffalo Bill. Good pick by the Bills. Dareus is the safe way to go. I'm glad to see they didn't reach on Gabbert. Watch for Buffalo to try to move back into the first round later for a quarterback.

The Bengals grab one of the safest prospects in the draft. What the hell's going on in Cincinnati? I was waiting for them to reach for a punter or something. Good move though, maybe Carson Palmer will reconsider retiring now that he has the top wide receiver in the draft playing with him.

Patrick Peterson to the Cards. Arizona takes the best player available. I like the way they are building the defense. They have to be in the market for a veteran quarterback or risk losing Fitzgerald.

The Falcons pull the first big move of the night and trade up to 6 with the Browns. They grab Julio Jones, one of my favorite players in this draft. Ryan is going to have White, Tony Gonzalez and Jones to throw to next season. Sick.

The 49ers surprise just about everybody by grabbing Aldon Smith. Smith is a nice pass rusher and will be a good addition to the defense in San Francisco. The Gabbert slide continues. Maybe Harbaugh is waiting for Andrew Luck next year.

Jake Locker to the Titans. I love it. Locker was getting too much bad press. Excellent player, not at all a reach taking Locker over Gabbert. Very good situation for Locker in Tennessee as well.

Dallas grabs the best offensive lineman in the draft, in my opinion anyway, Tyron Smith. My good friend, who is a huge Cowboys fan, immediately texted , "Ugh". I like the pick though, a lot more than I like the Cowboys. They have excellent weapons on offense, just need to protect the quarterback. Good move by Dallas.

Jacksonville moves up to ten and selects Blaine Gabbert. David Garrard is looking for a realtor. Washington gets Jacksonville's first and second round picks this year.

Texans select J.J. Watt. Congratulations to Watt, who worked his tail off to get to this position. Excellent pick for the Texans as well. Good start to that 3-4 defense in Houston.

Somebody just tried to speak to me about a Royal Wedding or something and I smacked them.

Ponder to the Vikings. Most people saw Ponder going a lot later, I'm personally surprised by this one. If the Vikings were going to take a risk on a quarterback, why not Ryan Mallett? Maybe I'm wrong but I think this is the first really questionable pick of the night.

Great call by the Lions! Suh and Fairley will be downright frightening. Fairley as the cornerstone of your defense comes with some risk. Fairley next to the Suh Monster is going to be impossible to block. Great move by Detroit.

Lions and Bengals just made excellent picks. Is the NFL world as we know it really coming to an end?

I have to think the Rams did not expect Quinn to be available there. They add instant pass rush to a defensive line that already features Chris Long. IF, Quinn lives up to his potential the Rams will be harassing NFC West quarterbacks more frequently next season. Time will tell.

Pouncey goes to the Dolphins at 15 and I just got a little sadder. I was really hoping Pouncey would fall to the Chiefs at 21. Good pick by the Dolphins. No matter who is running the ball, you need linemen like Pouncey to open those holes.

The Skins look to improve the pass rush and take Ryan Kerrigan. They pick up an extra pick from Jacksonville and get a better player at 16 than the Jaguars took at 10.

The Patriots surprise most people and grab Solder. I was hyping Solder up a bit right before the draft. I'm truly not surprised to see him go before the remaining offensive lineman. This is a player who will immediately help Tom Brady.

Liuget to the Chargers surprises me a little bit. Not because Liuget is a bad player, he is a very good player, he just seems to fit more in a 4-3 defense. The Chargers generally know what they are doing and there is no question Liuget is a good defensive lineman. I liked him better than Fairley coming into the draft.

The only thing surprising about the Giants pick, is that Amukamara was still available. I had him no later than 12 to the Vikings.

The Bucs take a defensive end and it is not Bowers. Pretty surprising, teams must be more than a little concerned about that knee. Clayborn is a solid player and has some good pass rush ability. Bucs defensive line is coming together nice.

On a side note, surprised to see Cameron Jordan still on the board.

Waiting for details on the trade but I love the fact that Kansas City is making moves. A lot of very good players still available and I have a feeling Pioli still gets exactly what he's looking for at 27.

Update: Chiefs pick up the Browns first and third rounders.

Browns take Phil Taylor. I am not a big fan of Taylor and am glad the Chiefs didn't pull the trigger on him.

Some people considered Castonzo the best offensive lineman in this draft. The Colts getting him at 22 is excellent value. Manning should be thrilled with this one after last season.

So as I'm sending a text, stating that the Chiefs will grab Watkins at 27, the Eagles wisely grab Danny Watkins at 23. Even Philly fans will love this guy. He fits there and I think he will have a good career. Congratulations to Danny Watkins.

I personally thought the Saints would add Ingram or LeShoure to the offense. Great value with Cameron Jordan though, also fills a big need.

At some point I will take the time to find out who James Carpenter is.

If Baltimore didn't do that on purpose, somebody should be fired.

Wow! In one of my mocks I had Baldwin to KC in the second. Just what the offense needed. Even Matt Cassel can't overthrow this guy. Welcome to Chiefs Nation Jonathan Baldwin.

Baltimore picks up one of the most talented players in the draft. This pick fills a need position and sends Smith  to a veteran team, good fit for both. Hopefully they can keep him focused on football and out of trouble.

Another draft, another Patriots trade. New England reportedly gets New Orleans 2nd rounder this year and 1st rounder next year. The Saints move back into the first round and grab Mark Ingram, A.K.A. Skinny Ron Dayne. I would have gone with LeShoure but Sean Payton has a man crush on Ingram.

Bears get a good right tackle in Carimi. Nothing exciting but just what they need in Chicago.

Jets get a versatile defensive lineman in Wilkerson. Excellent fit for Rex Ryan's defense.

Cameron Heyward goes to the Steelers. Eight defensive ends taken and Bowers is still there. Has to be the surprise of the first round.

The Packers grab a left tackle in Sherrod. This allows Bulaga to stay on the right side and Rodgers to stay standing. Green Bay didn't really have any glaring needs so adding a talented offensive lineman is excellent value here.

It was great to be able to think about football for a few hours and not have to hear "lockout" a million times. Ryan Mallett, Da'Quan Bowers and Andy Dalton are a few of the big names still available. Makes for an interesting day tomorrow.


  1. Your good friend, who is a huge Cowboys fan, wanted some value at that pick, we could have fell back to Jax pick and picked up Costanzo or even Smith hence the, Ugh!!

  2. Mallett's character issues must be a real problem....Because Ponder went before him and Locker, and probably Dalton too. Just an observation.

  3. Ponder is a bad move. Mallett will have a better career than Ponder. I like Dalton but he needs to go to a a good situation. If he ends up a Bengal he will be out of the league in 5 years.

  4. I think he (Dalton) would last longer in Cincy than Cam Newton going to Carolina. Steve Smith is getting long in the tooth and he is asking to be traded. I am interested in seeing how that plays out.

  5. Newton will be protected by a good o-line and a good running game. I agree that they need a wide receiver. Smith supposedly packed his locker in Carolina BEFORE the lockout. He is gone.

  6. Yeah so, that good o-line did a crap load for "the most pro ready QB" of last yrs draft. Also, not sure they will be keeping Deangelo Williams and Stewart wasn't the same dude he was previously(Ask my Fantasy Team). I think Carolina struggles and Cam is forced in early and that my friend turns him into Akili Smith.

  7. Clausen is just not that good. Akili Smith, also not very good AND he got drafted by the Bengals. Carolina will be a running team that plays good defense and Newton will make plays for them when needed. Better situation than Akili ever had and Newton is a whole lot more talented than Akili ever was.

  8. I beg to differ, sir. Only time will tell though.