Thursday, April 28, 2011

KC Chiefs Pre-Draft

The other day I went on record regarding a few of the top prospects in the NFL draft. As a Chiefs fan, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't address Kansas City prior to the draft. I'm pumped about where the Chiefs currently sit as a team and in the first round of this draft. The depth on the offensive and defensive lines in this years draft will allow Kansas City to grab a starting caliber player at 21. These are my thoughts on a few of the prospects that have been linked to the Chiefs in the first round. 

Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College

Castonzo would be an excellent pick. His stock seems to have risen and most people see him being gone before 21. I would not mind this pick at all, I believe he is a better pure left tackle than Brandon Albert and Albert could be moved to the right side. 

Mike Pouncey OL Florida

Pouncey is another guy that I think will be gone before Kansas City is on the clock. I think Pouncey is going to be a stud. He should be the first interior offensive lineman drafted. Barring a stud pass rusher or one of the top LEFT tackles being available, I would love to see Pouncey as the pick. 

Danny Watkins OL Baylor

Watkins has been linked to the Chiefs quite a bit lately. Mike Mayock has him going to the Chiefs in his mock draft. Watkins is a versatile player, can play right tackle or guard. He is also the type of guy Scott Pioli falls in love with. Don't be surprised if he is the guy here in a few hours. I have a feeling this pick would get mixed reviews but Watkins is going to be a good player. Chiefs Nation would warm up to this guy pretty quickly.  

Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin

Let me start by saying I think Carimi is going to be a very good right tackle for a long time. That being said, I think Pioli can get exactly that later in the draft. If Carimi is the pick, I'll be the first to acknowledge that our offensive line improved by drafting him. I just don't see right tackle as the best value in the first round. Not on a team with so many needs to fill. 

Nate Solder OT Colorado

Solder is one of my sleeper picks for the Chiefs. He is an experienced left tackle who excels at pass blocking and a very good athlete. With so much talent in this draft at offensive tackle, I think Solder is getting a little less attention than he deserves. I see him as an upgrade at left tackle for the Chiefs.  

Phil Taylor DT Baylor

Taylor scares me. I'm more than on board with addressing the nose tackle position, I just hope we don't drop the 21st pick on a guy who has a history of not being a very hard worker. The more I look at the Chiefs defensive line the more I realize we have to draft at least one defensive lineman. If it's Taylor, I hope it's in round 2 or later. 

Akeem Ayers

Ayers is another guy I could see Pioli having a man crush on. At first, I wasn't completely thrilled with the idea of the Chiefs picking him. After some solid research, I think Ayers would be a good addition to the defense and a capable replacement for Mike Vrabel. He doesn't really do anything exceptional but he is a high effort guy and doesn't seem to do anything poorly. Very solid player. Pioli seems to like guys who have low bust potential, this is one of those guys. 

Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

When I first started hearing about Hankerson as an option, I thought he would be a bit of a reach. I have to admit I've warmed up to the idea of Hankerson across from Bowe next season. He put up good numbers at Miami and has excellent NFL size. I would be shocked if he is not the third wide receiver drafted and not at all disappointed if Kansas City is the team that makes that happen. 

After looking at the teams ahead of us and the players that could be available, I see the Chiefs going offensive line in the first round. I don't see one of the top pass rushers being on the board but I could see a good offensive lineman being there. We will know shortly. Enjoy the first round Chiefs fans. 


  1. Derrek Sherrie may be the best prepared ot in the draft. He could start on day one.

  2. Derrek Sherrod is an excellent prospect. Oversight on my part, should have been on this list. I wanted to get it up before the draft.

  3. I like solder,but he is more potential than ready to go. solder has a weak base, and needs to get much stronger. Carimi has some problems as well.

    With SF taking A Smith over Gabbert,look for Luck to go to SF in the supple. Draft.