Friday, January 13, 2012

Playoff Picks

Congratulations to the Houston Texans for making it this far. That is all. Great season for Houston, and if Matt Schaub were healthy I think they could beat Baltimore, but he's not. T.J. Yates has performed well but he is not going to beat the Ravens defense. Ravens 31-Texans 17.

In the other AFC game this weekend I'm picking the Patriots to beat the Broncos. Tom Brady knows that he can not let this Tebow character come into his house and walk out with a playoff victory. The Broncos will be able to move the ball on New England but will not have enough defense to slow down the Patriots offense. Patriots 41-Broncos 13.

On the NFC side I'm going to be one of the few people that picks San Francisco this weekend. I love Drew Brees and what they are doing right now but the 49er defense doesn't care about all that. This will be an excellent football game showcasing two completely different styles of football. I'm going with the superior defense in the playoffs. The Saints are a different team outside of the dome and have NEVER won a playoff game on the road. I don't see it happening now. 49ers 24- Saints 21.

The Packers and Giants should be an interesting game, a lot of talking heads are picking New York. I'm sticking with Rodgers and the Packers. Too much talent for the Giants to slow down on the Packer offense. New York's cornerbacks wont be able to match up with Green Bays wide receivers and Aaron Rodgers isn't going to be waiting for the Giants pass rush to disrupt things. I expect Green Bay to control the pace of this game and the Packers to move on. Packers 34-Giants 21.

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